Welcome to the Gritstone Series 2017

Fell Racing in the Dark Peak

For 2017 there will a total of ten events in the Series.  Seven of these events will be classed as ‘Short’ of which you must complete four of the races. Then there are the three remaining ‘Long’ events of which one must be completed.  So to be eligible for the Series you must complete a total of five events, one of which must be one of the October ‘Long’ events.

The 2017 ‘Short’ events, of which four must be completed:
Please note this has been amended to ‘Three Short Events’ as of the 29th June 2017, excluding the results from Hope Wakes Fell Race.  All is explained Here>>

19th March,  Wolf’s Pit Fell Race: 9km / 5.6mi 450m / 1476ft of ascent
9th June, Castleton Fell Race: 10.8km / 6.7mi 458m / 1503ft of ascent
11th June, Accelerate Edale Fell Race: 7.6km / 4.7mi 402m / 1319ft of ascent
28th June, Hope Wakes fell Race: 9.5km / 5.9m 451m / 1479ft of ascent
2ndJuly, Great Hucklow Fell Race: 9.8km / 6.1mi 340m / 1115ft of ascent
4th August, Salt Cellar Fell Race: 10.9km / 6.8mi 486m / 1594ft of ascent
9rd September, Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race: 9.7km / 6mi 305m / 1001ft of ascent

The 2017 ‘Long’ events of which one must be completed, in addition to your choice of four ‘Short’ events:

7th October, Curbar Commotion Fell Race: 14.4km / 8.9 miles 403m / 1300ft of ascent
15th October, Windgather Fell Race: 21.8km / 13.5mi  762m / 2500ft of ascent
29th October, Grin ‘n Bear It: 25.6km / 15.9mi 591m / 1939ft

Home GS

It’s that simple, now all you have to do is Enter the Series to qualify.
Full event details can be found over Here >>

The Accelerate Gritstone Series for 2017 continues with Inov-8 as series partner, along with Accelerate. Inov-8 will again be providing spot prizes for each event and the Gritty Series.

The Gritstone ‘True Grit’ Award

All you have to do is run every single event to get yourself onto the Gritstone ‘True Grit’ Award list. We think it’s quite a challenge, especially this year. So tell us if you are up for the attempt and good luck…we’ll be watching! Further Details >>

The Gritty Series
Originally devised as a way of encouraging juniors into fell running, the Gritty Series was established in 2012. Each race offers something different, with Wolfs Pit and Edale considered the toughest with Hope and Great Hucklow also offering the aspiring fell runner something different!

19th March,  Wolf’s Pit Junior Fell Race (racing for ages 6+)
11th June, Accelerate Edale Junior Fell Race (racing for ages 8+)
28th June, Hope Wakes Fell Race (racing for ages 8+)
2nd July, Great Hucklow Junior Fell Race (racing for ages 6+)

(Please note there will ne junior racing at Castleton this year – sorry, we are working to resolve this.)
Full details of the Series, including all the qualifying age groups, can be found here >>