Accelerate Gritstone Series


Junior Fell Running… The Gritty Races 2018

The Accelerate Gritty Series consists of a total of 5 events, which are:


Sunday 18th March Wolf’s Pit Fell Race (ages 8+)
Sunday 10th June Accelerate Edale Fell Race (ages 8+)
Wednesday 27th June Hope Wakes Fell Race (ages 8+)
Sunday 1st July Great Hucklow Fell Race (ages 8+)
Saturday 22nd Sept Grindslow Knoll Junior Fell Race(ages 8+)


Further details of the events can be found on the series events page, here.

Runner must be 8 or over to qualify for the series.  For runners aged 8 and over 2 of the 5 races in the series will count towards their overall points score. For runners aged 10 and over 3 of the 5 races in the series will count towards their overall points score.

The points
To calculate your points for each race the winners time is divided by yours and this is then shown as a percentage. For example, if you take twice as long as the winner then you will score 50 points. The winner always scores 100 points.

Remember your points for each race are calculated from your time, not your position, so you’ll need to push all the way to the line to get as many points as possible.

The prizes
For the 2017 Gritty Series there will be prizes for the first male and female in each category (under 10, under 12, under 14, and under 16)

All of the junior race routes and distances are designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Fell Running Association and UKA.