Accelerate Gritstone Series

2017 Results

Race Results:

The results for each race will be posted here soon after the running of the event.

Round 1: Wolf’s Pit Fell Race
Winners: Stuart Bond – 42:22   Caitlin Rice – 48:19
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Round 2: Castleton Fell Race

(Please note: Slight change of course for 2017)
Winners: Alasdair Campbell – 42:31 Megan Wilson – 50:57
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Round 3: Accelerate Edale Fell Race
Winners: Alasdair Campbell – 35:51  Kim Baxter – 43:34
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Series ‘Round Up and Down’ can be read here >>

Round 4: Hopes Wake Fell Race
Please note that the 2017 Gritstone Series unfortunately excludes the Hope Wakes Fell Race.  All is explained Here>>
For the ‘Short’ Races three will count towards the series.

Round 5: Great Hucklow Fell Race
Winners: Harry Holmes – 41:17  Zoe Procter- 52:47
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Round 6: Salt Cellar Fell Race
Winners: Alasdair Campbell – 52:36  Kim Baxter – 1:02:46
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Round 7: Longshaw Sheepdog Trials

Winner: Stuart Bond- 00:40:52 Hazel Farnell- 00:49:27
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Round 8: Curbar Commotion

Winner: Duncan Coombs- 01:05:58 Anna Hooghamer-01:19:52
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Round 9: Windgather 

Winner: Alasdair Campbell- 1:36:31 Sarah Lilleman-2:17:20
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The Gritty Series:

Round 1: Wolf’s Pit Gritty Junior Race:
Winners: Joe Currie – 10:18  Lauren Wilshaw – 12:43
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Round 2: Accelerate Edale Gritty Junior Race:
Winners: Sam Soles – 8:47  Lucy Bednall – 10:22
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Round 3: Hope Gritty Junior Race:
Winners: Sam Soles – 07:11  Lauren Wilshaw – 08:12

Round 4: Great Hucklow Gritty Junior Race:
Winners: Sam Soles – 08:03  Lauren Wilshaw – 09:06
Junior Results


The Gritstone Series:

Mens and Womens Results

The Gritty Series:

The Winners:

U16 Sam Soles and Emily Barnett
U14 Joe Currie and Lucy Bednall
U12 Eddie Fitzpatrick and Lauran Wilshaw
U10 Alex Currie and Issy Waugh

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