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The Events

For 2020 there will a total of ten events in the Series.  Seven of these events will be classed as ‘Short’ of which you must complete four. Then there are the Three remaining ‘Long’ events of which one must be completed.  So to be eligible for the Series you must complete a total of Five Events, one of which must be one of the ‘Long’ Events and four being ‘Short’ Events.
You can enter the Gritstone Series for FREE here >>

The 2020 ‘Short’ Events, of which four must be completed:

Round 1 (Short): Wolf’s Pit Fell Race, Sunday 29th March, 11:00am- Cancelled
(Gritty Series Junior Races for ages 6 and upwards from 10:30am, entry on the day only)
Start from Townfield Lane, via Shatton Lane, GR 195 825
Distance: 9km / 5.6mi
Climb: 450m / 1476ft
£8 entry on the day
Records: Simon Bailey (2012) – 38:17 and Olivia Walwyn Bush (2012) – 43:57


Round 2 (Short): Castleton Fell Race, Friday 5th June, 7:30pm
Start from Castleton playing fields, S33 8WB
Distance: 10.8km / 6.7mi
Climb: 458m / 1503ft
Route map: here
£5 entry on the day
Records: Kris Jones (2013) – 40:20 and R Smith (2002) – 47:48

Round 3 (Short): Accelerate Edale Fell Race, Sunday 14th June, 11:00am
(Gritty Series Junior Races for ages 8 and upwards from 10:15am)
Start from fields above Edale village, register at Edale Village Hall, GR SK 124 853
Distance: 7.6km / 4.7m
Climb: 402m / 1319ft
Route map: here
£5 on the day or pre enter at Accelerate. Includes Free entry to the Edale Country Day and Fayre.
Due to the height gain of this race, you may be required to carry a windproof
Proceeds to Edale Mountain Rescue and the Village
Records: Simon Bailey (2005) – 31:46 and Janet McIver (2008) – 38:23
Organised in association with Accelerate and Edale Country Day

Round 4 (Short): Hope Wake Fell Race, Wednesday 1st July, 7:30pm
(Gritty Series Junior Races for ages 8 and upwards from 6:30pm)
Start from Hope Sports Club S33 6SD 165 836
Distance: 9.5km / 5.9m
Climb: 451m / 1479ft
£8 entry on the day
Race Organisers: here

Round 5 (Short): Great Hucklow Fell Race, Sunday 5th July, 11:00am
(Gritty Series Junior Races for ages 8 and upwards, time TBC please note that this race usually starts before the seniors).
Start from Hucklow Village, GR SK 176 780
Location: here
Distance: 9.8km / 6.1m
Climb: 340m / 1115ft
£7 entry on the day
Records: Stuart Bond (2010) – 42:59 and Olivia Walwyn Bush (2012) – 49:34

Round 6 (Short): Salt Cellar Fell Race, Friday 7th August, 7:00pm
Start under Dam at north end of Ladybower Reservoir, register at Fairholmes, GR SK 173893
Distance: 10.9km / 6.8m
Climb: 486m / 1594ft
£7.50 pre entry
Records: Tom Saville (2015) – 49:34 and Judith Jepson (2013) – 62:08
Race Organisers:
Proceeds to Edale Mountain Rescue

JUNIORS ONLY Gritty Round 4: Bradwell Junior Fell Race Date: Saturday 4th July: 11:00am
Start: Bradwell Sports Pavilion, opposite Samuel Fox Inn, Bradwell, S33 9ST
Distance: TBC
Climb: TBC
Race Organisers: Greg Rimmer
More Information here

Round 7 (Short): Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race, Saturday 5th September, 10:30am
(Gritty Series Junior Races for ages 8 and up, start 10:35)
Start from Longshaw Lodge on Sheffield-Hathersage road GR 265 800
Distance: 8.6km / 5.3m
Climb: 320m / 1050ft
Route map: here
On the Day £5 to enter field and the race is free!
£5 on the day
Records: Lloyd Taggart (2010) – 38:07 and L Lacon (2006) – 46:27
Organised in association with members from Dark Peak Fell Runners

The 2019 ‘Long’ Events of which one must be completed:

Round 8 (Long): The Curbar Commotion Fell Race, Saturday 3rd October, 10:00am
Start from Curbar Primary School, Calver, S32 3XG.
Distance: 16km/9.8 miles
Climb: 415m / 1362ft
Details: Here, including entry forms.
£8 per entry or £10 on the day, all proceeds to Curbar Primary School
Records: D. Combes (2017) – 01:05:58 and A Hoogkamer (2017) – 1:19:39
Organised by Friends and Fund Raisers for Curbar Primary School, Runners All.

Round 9 (Long): Andrew Heywood Memorial Windgather Fell Race, Sunday 11th October, 11:00am
Start from Burbage Institute, Bishops Lane, Buxton, SK17 6UL
Distance: 21.8km / 13.5m
Ascent: 762m / 2500ft
£10 (includes Forestry Commission Fee) on the day, proceeds to local good causes.
Records: Lloyd Taggart 1:29:30 (2007) and Olivia Walwyn Bush 1:40:24 (2012)

Round 10 (Long): Grin ‘n’ Bear It, Sunday Date TBC, 10:00am
Start from Langsett Barn, Langsett, S36 4GY
Distance: 25.6km / 15.9m
Climb: 591m / 1939ft
£12 on the day
Records: Karl Grey (2015) – 02:01:32 and Sally Fawcett (2014) – 02:27:44
Organised by and ALL profits to Woodhead Mountain Rescue

Each event will be operating as in previous years, under their own organisation and event partners. Results from each event contribute towards the series and details can be found here.

To the best of our knowledge all details for each event are correct. You are advised to check with each event to be aware of any last minute changes.


29th March Wolf's Pit Fell Race
5th June Castleton Fell Race
14th June Accelerate Edale Fell Race
1st July Hope Wakes fell Race
5th July Great Hucklow Fell Race
8th August Salt Cellar Fell Race
5th September Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race
3rd October Curbar Commotion Fell Race
11th October Windgather Fell Race
Date TBC Grin 'n Bear It

Event Details