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2019 Results

Gritstone Series

Round 1 : Wolf’s Pit Fell Race
Winners: Greg Hopkinson (Beeston AC) 43:24 Catlin Rice (Ribble Valley Harriers) 49:47

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Round 2 : Castleton Fell Race
Winners: Dan Haworth (Matlock) 42:02 Ellen Downs (ShUOC) 51:32
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Round 3: Edale Fell Race
Winners: Billy Cartwright 33:47 (Matlock) Rachael Lungren 40:43 (Totley)
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Round 4: Hope Wakes Fell Race
Winners: Harry Holmes (Matlock) 00:42:53 Megan Willson (Dark Peak) 49:59
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Round 5: Great Hucklow
Winners: Stuart Bond (Matlock AC) 43:04 Sarah Lilleman (Dark Peak) 56:39
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Round 6: Salt Cellar
Winners: Ben Hague (Rotherham Harries) 49:43 Megan Wilson (Dark Peak) 58:11
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Round 7: Longshaw
Winners: Nathan Lawson (Dark Peak) 36:38 Ellen Downs (Dark Peak) 46:08
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Round 8: Curbar Commotion
Winners: Joseph Dugdale (Loughborough Students AC) 01:04:52 Beth Pascall (Belper Harriers) 01:14:15
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Round 9: Windgather Fell Race
Winners: Jake Fearn (Buxton) 01:41:23 Megan Wilson (DPFR) 01:50:23
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Gritty Series

Round 1 : Wolf’s Pit Fell Race

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Round 2 : Edale Fell Race
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Round 3 : Hope Fell Race
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Round 4: Bradwell Fell Race
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Series Results:

Mens      Ladies

1st: Stuart Bond and Sarah Lilleman
2nd: Harvey Martin and Ruth Keeley
3rd: Luke Beresford and Vicky Bridges
1st V40: Austin Frost and Julie Darigala
1st V50: Paul Stuart and Sue Barker
1st V60: Dave Allen and Pat Goodall

Gritty Results

U16: Finlay Grant and Heather Wilshaw
U14: Toby Marshall and Ffion Patton
U12: Jonty Brown, Isaac Oliver and Izzy-Mai Wilson
U10: Tilen Whitworth and Florence Brown

Juniors over 10

Juniors under 10


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