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Race Reporting 09/10

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Race Reporting 09/10

With pictures, video and now race reports from those taking part…
Have a story to tell then why not get in touch via the contact page.

2010 Race Reports

Wolfs Pit Fell Race: The Series has now received over 100 entries and the ‘Bradda Dads’ who organised the Wolf’s Pit Fell Race Report Here

Burbage Skyline: A record entry, long queues, a delayed start and a dry beer beer cask. It may well have been a chilly evening, but… Report Here

Burbage Skyline, Take 2: For Lucy this was her first ever fell race and for some reason the ‘big yellow flag’ caught here attention….. Report Here

Castleton Fell Race: Once again fell runners came out in force for Round 3 of the Accelerate Gritstone Series. Entries were again way up… Report Here

Accelerate Edale Fell Race: A previous counter in the National Fell Championships this event deserves it’s ‘tough’ reputation… Report Here

Great Hucklow Fell Race: Local races can sometimes be a full gone conclusion when you see the starting line up. This years Great Hucklow Fell Race proved to be an exception… Report Here

Longshaw Fell Race: Our very own Debs has put fingers to keypad to produce this amusing recollection of a great little race… Report Here

Windgather Fell Race: This was Dot’s first ever year of fell racing and this her final run in the Series. An interesting look at the race form a V50…. Report Here

2009 Race Reports

Burbage Skyline: Mark recently moved to Sheffield from the Fens of Lincolnshire and this was only his second ever fell race. Report Here

Castleton Fell Race: Mark couldn’t resist and came back for more. Braving the rain and the mist on the summit of Mam Tor he… Report Here

Accelerate Edale Fell Race:
At last a ladies view. Lucy put fingers to keyboard to send in this report. She reports on the perils of fell racing and the hospitality… Report Here


29th March Wolf's Pit Fell Race
5th June Castleton Fell Race
14th June Accelerate Edale Fell Race
1st July Hope Wakes fell Race
5th July Great Hucklow Fell Race
8th August Salt Cellar Fell Race
5th September Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race
3rd October Curbar Commotion Fell Race
11th October Windgather Fell Race
Date TBC Grin 'n Bear It

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