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Race Reporting: Burbage 2012

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Scrabble as you Scramble

Report By Dot Kesterton, Smiley Paces

How do you keep your mind occupied whilst your legs, lungs, heart are exploding on a tough fell run?
Dot selected 7 random letters at the beginning of the race and spent the next hour making new words which now form the Burbage Skyline Fell Race Report 2012, (with just a little bit of poetic licence)

The Letters: E R S A N D T

Date: 8th May 2012
Drat: I’ve forgotten my pins, compass, whistle
Stared: at the hills and thought
Aren’t: sure I can get up them, but
Ran: Well that’s why we came.
Ardent: is my middle name
Tread: carefully, it’s ankle breaking terrain
Danes: Once ran over these hills too.
Neat: lines of runners snaking up the hills.
Sad: Not up here I’m not
Stand: No, keep moving
Re stand: oops, I’ve fallen in the water
Stranded: in the middle of a peat bog
Arse: end of the universe in the middle of this peat bog
Daren’t: look back
Astern: I might well be.
A stern: talking to
Red ants: No but lots of sheep poo- pooh.
Darnest: I’m trying, I really am
Dart: No, it was Sally whizzing past
Arsed: if I’m going to do this again- (well til next year.)
Rants: I’m never going to do this again… til next year.
Ran: it!
Star end: with Lotty, 1.11; Fi, 1.07; Isobel, 1.05; Sheila, 1.08; Sally, 50.10! Ruth, 1.03; me, 1.01 and Julie, Fiona and Marilyn, Stuart and Debs in support.
Rest and: A pint with the Smiley Paces et all.

Dot Kesterton, second from the left, with her Smiley Team mates, post race.

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