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Marshalling Fun at Edale

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Marshal Race Report by Mikk Murray

When Debs asked me and Fi to marshal at this years Accelerate Edale fell race I couldn’t help but say yes! I knew I wouldn’t be racing it as I’m doing the Bob Graham the weekend after, so watching everyone else push hard up the hills sounded like the next best thing.

We got there early to marshal the junior race first which is part of the Gritty series. I didn’t envy the younger runners at all after looking at the course. A steep hill to start with followed by a gentle incline that led to a fast descent and a long grassy section to the finish. 2 laps for the race, or 1 for the younger ones.
I counted around 40 starters and they soon came running past us. Just a couple at first then a steady line, each clearly giving it their best!
When the last runner passed us on the final lap we started our ascent up towards Ringing Roger where we had agreed to marshal. Fi was going to a fork in the path about 2/3 up the hill and I was off up to the cairn at the edge path. Still a 250m climb up!

Once in position I got chatting to some walkers who were asking about the race and we waited for the first runners to appear. Eventually to my delight, a brown vest appeared (Dark Peak) and Josh Williams came charging towards me with 2 others chasing him, including Dave Lund another brown vest. 20 seconds later and the rest of the race followed.

I gave my shouts and claps of support and received many a thank you from the runners for marshaling. Steph Curtis came past with Team Accelerate’s Helen Elmore not far behind, looking like a battle for the ladies prize was on!
After all the runners had passed there was a guy with an orange vest and a hat with a brush on it.. Obviously the sweeper! That was my signal to head back down to the finish and catch what was left of the race. Fi was waiting halfway down and we ran for a while but I lost her on the line off Ringin Roger (sorry Fi) then it was down the road to the finish. A few runners passed me here before I went round to the tunnel to see folk get their times.

The finish was busy as Edale Country Day was on so there was lots of stalls and music playing. I chatted running with lots of folk and hung around in the Accelerate stall out of the heavy rain until Debs did the prize giving.
A great race, great people and a great day out. Fellrunning is a fantastic sport and I was very happy to have helped make a race happen. I’d recommend being a marshal at the next race you aren’t running!


You can follow Mikk on Twitter @mikkmurray


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