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Round 3: Round Up and Down, 2017.

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Three races in and the race is on for the Series title. So how’s it looking?

Zoe Proctor, Pennine, has completed all three of the Gritstone Series races. Wolf’s Pit, saw Zoe finished in 5th, 2nd at both Castleton and Edale. It looks very much as if the forever smiling V40 is leading the series. Pending the final count I believe Anna Hooghamer (Dark Peak) is lying in second and Helen Thornhill (Buxton) just behind, both are U23. Caitlin Rice, took the win at Wolf’s Pit, Meg Wilson at Castleton and Kim Baxter at Edale. Wide open then…

Alastair Campbell, Buxton AC, completed the Gritstone Series Weekend Double, winning at both Castleton and Edale. Castleton, saw him take the honors with 42:31 and Edale in 35:36. This puts him in a strong position as he now leads the Series in terms of race wins and we think points. Stuart Bond, won at Wolfs Pit, so there is still much to play for, especially with Steve Franklin consistently placing well.

Full results of all the races are available here >>

Zoe Proctor, Pennine

Smiles all the way.

Alasdair Campbell, Buxton AC


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